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Name: Transnight
Genre: Heavy Rock/Metal
Heimat: Sehnde / Deutschland
Im Shop seit: 20.11.2012

Starting January 1999 the metalband Transnight was formed in the ruhr area, Germany. Over the years Transnight recorded 2 demos and the first full-length-release “Between The Worlds” indifferent line-ups.

Since 2008Transnight has a steady line-up with Dave (vocals), Christoph (guitar), Markus (bass) and Daniel (drums).
Transnight made some shows around the ruhrarea in Germany that were well accepted. Highlights were the first place at the newcomer festival in Herten in November 2002 or shows with bands like Vicious Rumors, Mob Rules or Motorjesus.

At live shows Transnight presents a program that leads from balladic over powerful parts to thrash rhythms.

In 2010 the record company Pure Steel Records signed Transnight and released their album “The Dark Half” in September 2011.

Transnight entered the studio again to record the following CD “The Big Rip” in 2012. For the first time Transnight worked with guest musicians as to hear on the track “Back In The House Again” and the titletrack “The Big Rip”. With the song “Destroyer” Transnight covered a Twisted Sister song which is used as a bonus song on “The Big Rip”.

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