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Name: Deathtale
Genre: Death Metal
Heimat: Wien / Österreich
Im Shop seit: 20.07.2012

DEATHTALE is the project of Demolition Founder and Ex-Drummer Tom Kräutner and Bassman Phil Späth.

To realize the own idea of a Thrashband, Tom Kräutner founds DEMOLITION in 1994

Demolition released four Studio albums, were published on some Compilations, played with many international metal bands and toured with TESTAMENT, SUSPERIA, DEATH ANGEL and MERCENARY through Europe.

2008 Tom Kräutner decided to leave Demolition of cause growing difficulties and different views about working.

In September 2008 Tom Kräutner founds DEATHTALE with guitar player Peter Musch, Phil Späth (Bass) and Thomas Trausmuth (Guitars) and they could play concerts with bands such as VADER, DISBELIEF, GORGOROTH, DEBAUCHERY, THE AGONIST and others.

2012 the Band did their first album “Apocalyptic Deadline”, recorded in Hinterhof Studio Vienna (Lords Of Decadence, Days Of Loss, Harmanic…). and released by TERRASOUND RECORDS.

After some Lineup-Changes Arian Rezaie joins DEATHTALE as new guitar player and Patrick Pieler takes over the Vocals. As Live-Musician, Guitar-Player Alex Reich is the fifth member on stage.

The second Album “Whole World Burns” goes further the way of Thrash-Metal with influences of Death and will be released once again by TERRASOUND RECORDS on 12. February 2016.

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